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Pristine Gardening - Free Video

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In the modern, fast-paced era, it's increasingly important to make your physical health a top priority and aim to maintain your well-being at its best. We're excited to introduce the newest addition to our series of brief, complimentary videos for 2023, designed to help you reach these objectives.

These short productions will cover a variety of health and safety scenarios and are available to share with colleagues, family, and friends. We at Pristine Condition recognise the importance of teaching correct technique which can be applied both at work, and at home.

Our fourth installment in our concise video series delves into the vital topic of gardening. Gardening is a universally cherished pastime, but it can sometimes entail physically demanding tasks that may result in discomforting injuries. Whether you're planting bulbs, sowing seeds, preparing your soil or clearing leaves, it's vital we look after our body as much as we do our garden!

Our latest video demonstrates how to reduce health hazards while gardening by adhering to our essential manual handling principles. These principles, originally designed for the workplace, are equally applicable in your home garden!

Watch as Pristine Condition Founder and CEO, Davy Snowdon MBE, unpacks the anatomical implications of incorrect technique and how you can avoid causing yourself discomfort -- and possibly injury -- by employing our scientifically proven manual handling techniques to help keep yourself in Pristine Condition!

If you are new to Pristine Condition and would like to discuss any of the points covered in this video, or would like to have a wider conversation about your businesses health & safety requirements, Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Enjoy and see you soon for the next video in the series!

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