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Behavioural Change

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Avoid Staff Taking Shortcuts with our CultureSHIFT Programme.

At the core of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of your workforce. With over 25 years of industry experience, we've empowered businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries with the essential tools to establish an unblemished safety record.

Throughout our journey, one word has remained a constant beacon in our quest for zero accidents and injuries: CULTURE.

Understanding the Challenge:

When we delve into the root causes of many workplace accidents, we often find that they stem from employees taking shortcuts. Effecting change in these ingrained habits is crucial. The pivotal question arises: How can you shift habits and cultivate a culture that places safety at its forefront? 

Transforming culture begins at the individual level but rapidly propagates throughout the group.

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Introducing the CultureSHIFT Programme:

Welcome to the CultureSHIFT programme—a pioneering initiative poised to revolutionise your safety practices. This unique 12-month programme takes a deep dive into the core challenges faced by your business, providing the training and resources essential for achieving your safety objectives. 

Our media team and presenter will film 6-12 productions, including an introduction, to cover the key areas that you identify up front. These media productions will then be deployed over a 12-month period to keep colleagues focussed on the key risks and to gradually change behaviours toward safety overall.

Why Choose CultureSHIFT?

1. Cultural Transformation:

  • Unlock a culture that prioritises safety.

  • Instill a mindset that fosters responsible habits and decision-making.

  • Empower your team to be proactive safety advocates.

2. Dedicated media team and presenter:

  • Pristine Condition posseses a dedicated media team.

  • Our media team have visited every kind of envirnonment, delivering content that matters.

  • Our expertise and positive approach really sets us apart from our competitors.

3. Proven Results:

  • Join a legacy of businesses that have achieved zero accidents.

  • Improve workplace morale and employee well-being.

  • Enhance your company's reputation as an occupational safety leader.

Unlock a Safer Tomorrow:

Don't wait to address safety issues after an incident occurs. Take proactive steps to prioritise staff safety with the CultureSHIFT programme. Join us on this transformative journey and make safety an integral part of your organisational DNA.

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Contact Us Today:

Ready to embark on your safety transformation? Contact us now to learn more about the CultureSHIFT programme and how it can benefit your business.

Contact us, or come in to chat with our experienced team to see how we can support you.

We are already working in your industry, achieving phenomenal results.

Invest in your team's safety and pave the way for a brighter, accident-free future with our CultureSHIFT programme.

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