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Client Testimonial: Polypipe Achieves Remarkable Accident Reduction Results with Pristine Condition


Pristine Condition Revolutionizes Polypipe's Safety Standards with Remarkable Results.

In a transformative partnership that commenced in July 2022, Polypipe and Pristine Condition joined forces to elevate safety standards and reshape the company's accident and incidents track record. From the outset, Pristine Condition immersed itself in Polypipe's business operations, crafting a bespoke training programme tailored to the company's unique requirements.

Now, just over a year into the collaboration, the impact of Pristine Condition's training is nothing short of remarkable. Across all facets of operations, Polypipe has witnessed a phenomenal 80% decrease in manual handling incidents, marking a substantial improvement from the pre-training era. The dedication and expertise brought by Pristine Condition have not only transformed safety practices but have also demonstrated the profound difference that customised training can make.

John Baldwin, HSE Compliance Officer commented:

Getting involved with Pristine Condition is one of the best decisions that we have made. The bespoke training package, specific to our needs, was designed and delivered in a very professional manner. The simplicity and relevance of the 4-principle led programme supersedes how we used to deliver manual handling training, enabling us to modify our methods and deliver training sessions with confidence.

All this has led to a significant reduction in the number of manual handling injuries that we used to suffer with. A truly remarkable result, many thanks Pristine and keep up the good work.

Davy Snowdon, Founder, and CEO of Pristine Condition shared:

"We're thrilled with the exceptional results achieved at Polypipe. The collaboration with Polypipe has been incredibly rewarding, and their dedicated team has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to applying our principles with the utmost diligence.

Polypipe, as a group, has wholeheartedly embraced our training programme. Our ultimate goal is to completely eliminate accidents and incidents related to manual handling, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating more success with Polypipe in the future.

While Pristine Condition guarantees a 50 percent reduction in workplace injuries, it's noteworthy that many organisations we work with surpass this by implementing our scientifically proven Olympic techniques, with Polypipe serving as a fantastic example.

A heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved!"

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